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A unique place to stay in Northern Norway


The House by the Sea is a unique experience, thanks to its scenic location, incredible view and innovative architecture. Our three holiday units make your scenic experience an integral part of your holiday accommodation.


The Helgeland region in Northern Norway, with its 12,000 islands, is said to have one of the world’s most magnificent coastlines. Far from the mainland and surrounded by open seas is the island of Træna, is renowned for its natural beauty. This thriving community has a proud heritage and colourful coastal culture, and an annual music festival that attracts artists and audiences from near and far. The island community has received numerous awards for its commitment to innovation; in 2021 Træna received a prestigious European site development award.


The House by the Sea opened its doors to guests in the autumn of 2021. Depending on the season, each of our three cabins enjoys a view of the midnight sun, autumn storm or the northern lights.


You decide whether to stay for just a few nights – the minimum stay is two nights – or whether you wish to use your House by the Sea as a base for explorations during an extended stay. Either way, this is a great opportunity to sample life on the friendly island of Træna.


The three wood-built units of the House by the Sea were exhibited at the Oslo Design Fair in 2019, where they drew considerable attention. Vardehaugen Architects are responsible for their design. After the fair, the cabins were brought to the island of Træna.


The largest cabin has comfortable accommodation for four people, while each of the two smaller tower-shaped cabins is suitable for two people (Please note that the two towers have steep stairs up and down to the bedroom). All three units have clean, elegant lines that complement their surroundings – and the carefully chosen site. Large windows provide immersive views of the raw and rugged scenery, and the ever-changing sky and sea.


The cabins are equipped with custom-made wooden furniture of modern Norwegian design, all of it sustainably produced. Although the cabins are humble in size, their practical interiors make each House by the Sea eminently suitable for longer visits as well as short stays. In accordance with our efforts to encourage sustainable tourism, we award discounts to guests who have chosen eco-friendly travelling by train to Northern Norway. And we will give you a very attractive price offer if you yearn for an extended stay on our island.


The owner-managers of the House by the Sea are themselves experienced travellers – and after travelling the world we are convinced that Helgeland has one of its most magnificent coastlines. We are happy to offer our expert tips and help you plan your adventures to scenic destinations throughout our region. For instance, a short ride on the local shuttle boat will bring you to the island of Sanna, which offers some of Norway’s finest hiking. And the express boat ride here to Træna, from Bodø or Sandnessjøen, is a great sightseeing experience in its own right, with numerous highlights en route.


Helgeland’s bus and boat schedules can be confusing to visitors, especially if you’re trying to figure out good connections – but we will gladly help you with that.


When you choose House by the Sea, your unique accommodation is an experience in its own right: the innovative architecture, the elegant and comfortable interior, and of course the incredible view. But lovely as the interior may be, you will want to explore your surroundings, here on Træna as well as other parts of the beautiful Helgeland coast.


Overhead, you will often see some of Træna’s white-tailed sea eagles soaring the sky (you could even see it from the bedroom!). During the nesting season you may also see puffin, a remarkable bird with a colourful beak, diving into the waves to catch fish to bring back to feed their hatchlings in nests built in steep cliffs.


Our community of islanders is friendly and welcoming. We invite you to try an extended stay on Træna. Your House by the Sea is an ideal place to find peace and quiet, and for inspiration – to write, to find your creativity, and to crystallise good ideas. And we guarantee that you will never tire of the ever-changing view of the sea.


For further information, or to book your House by the Sea, please send us an email.


Our vision is that the three House by the Sea units will eventually become an integral part of a more comprehensive facility: Træna 365. We envision combining additional cabins with a hotel, a museum, and a cultural venue, as well as artist and writer residencies and innovative spaces for entrepreneurs. The cornerstone of our plans is our strong desire to create sustainable development that caters to residents as well as visitors, year round.


Træna 365 will be our contribution to this vibrant island community.

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